You will need to work together and communicate effectively if you hope to succeed.

Do not underestimate yourself.

Time is critical, we do not expect all teams to succeed. Could you? Will you?

The escape network is a challenging and fun group experience, designed to test your logic, team work and problem solving abilities.

Do you have the skills required to see the truth behind the mystery hidden in plain sight?

Can you make the connections which will unlock that which is secret?

We look forward to putting you to the test.

Gather your Team.

Investigate the Network.

60 Minutes to Uncover the mystery of the Network before the time runs out.

Have fun with family friends and colleagues, solve puzzles, find clues, crack codes and contribute to the investigation.

Based on the popular concept of real-life escape games.

Enter the Room.

How to play

You will connect directly to The Escape Network, keeps your wits about you and keep calm.

You will need to work fast, but not panic and never give up. The truth is known, just not by you, not yet!

Escape, before the time runs out.

The Escape Network brings real life immersive games to amazing venues.