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The Escape Network brings real life immersive games to amazing venues.

The Network

‘Singularity is back and growing in power.’

At the end of the Cold War one terrorist organisation held power on both sides of the Iron Curtain. This organisation was led by the shadowy ‘Singularity’. Little was known about the organisation. However, Singularity’s network is believed to have infiltrated key government agencies throughout the world and imbedded its own double-agents.

Singularity’s double-agents are known only by their code names: Black knight, Black Castle, White bishop and White Rook. After years of inactivity, intelligence chatter is spiking all over the world:

You will be contributing to the ongoing investigation into Singularity's terrorist organisation, by identifying one of his double-agents. It is believed that the identity of the double-agent is sealed with in equipment recovered over 30 years ago. Intelligence analysts have tried every decryption program they know with minable effect on the locked equipment.

We need your help, Intelligence services will grant you 60 minutes direct access to The Escape Network, it is vital that you discover the true identity of the double-agent before the time runs out.

We are the first to bring Escape-The-Room games to Essex. We may be hard to find, but well worth the effort.

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