The Escape Network brings real life immersive games to amazing venues.

What is an Escape Game?
Also called ‘escape the room’, an escape game is a team challenge against the clock. You will have 60 minutes to pit your skills against a series of codes and puzzles, using logic common sense and teamwork. Our games are challenging and great fun.

How do I book and how much does it cost?

To book just click on the Book Now button on our website or Facebook page and it will take you to our booking page on Eventbrite. The total cost is £75 per group of up to 8 people and includes all fees.

Do you do other dates/times not listed?

We only release a limited number of sessions at a time and only a little in advance.

Can children take part?

We are always impressed at how much younger players can contribute and make no restrictions on participants ages, however, the game is challenging and not all teams will be successful. We ask that all under 14 year olds are accompanied by an adult.

When should I arrive for my game?
Promptly please. There is no need to be early but please try not to be late. If you are too late we may not be able to give you your full time or possibly be able to accommodate you at all.

Is it scary or dangerous?

No, it can be tense but it is not scary or dangerous. It is an intellectual pursuit; no physical exertion, skill or prior knowledge is required. The space the game is played in is fairly large and unlikely to cause anyone with claustrophobia any concerns.

Smaller or larger teams and special events.

Teams of less than 3 members have little chance of success, but if you really want a challenge, just book and turn up.

For the Museum in the Park 8 people is the maximum but the Essex Police Museum is a larger space and can hold for groups of 9-10.

We make no extra charge for up to these numbers.
For special events and groups of more than 10 contact us, perhaps we can arrange two sessions one after the other. This adds a bit of competition, which is always fun.

Accessibility and special arrangements

The Essex Police Museum has reasonable accessibility with a ramp down, level floors and wide access.

The Museum in the Park is upstairs and regrettably there is no other access.

Some of the puzzles require at least a few players to assemble things on the floor and have reasonable vision/hearing, if you read with glasses please bring them.
If you have any concerns about taking part please contact us with your specific situation.

Location and parking
The Essex Police Museum is located in the Essex Police HQ, easy to find on Google, there is free parking on site out of office hours and the museum is signposted. It is a 25 min walk from Chelmsford train/station and 15 min from the high street.

The Museum in the Park is located in Promenade Park and also easy to find on google with plenty of paid parking. The museum is signposted from within the park and is only a 5-10 min walk from the high street.